Internal Audit Co-Source

This leading international investment management constantly has to adapt to a fast-changing environment of regulations and governance. They engaged BSS to provide a co-source audit service to deliver a number of extensive audits which covered a wide range of key business services.

The Challenge:

The audit function undertakes a number of UK and international audits with a very small core team. They are reliant on co-source support to undertake their annual audit plan. Being able to audit numerous areas whilst only employing a small team  required the input of experienced audit professionals to ensure that the client stayed in line with current and future legislation and gains knowledge of current industry best practice.

The Solution:

BSS has a wealth of expertise to draw from, in the form of its bench of internal auditors and subject matter experts who can support audits with specialist knowledge when required.

BSS, along with the client identified and prioritised audits across key business sectors. These audits included portfolio monitoring, JSOX, ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), layered process audits and network pen test & firewall management.

The delivery of the audits was to such a high level that the scope of work was increased to include audits of overseas business departments and services.

The Outcome:

The audit services provided by BSS have been retained for over 2 years which is testament to the quality of work delivered, as it stands, demand remains and BSS continues to be on hand to service the audit plan.

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