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Our expertise

Cyber security projects: our cyber projects and change programmes range in size from one-person remediation and cloud transformation design, through to multi-person international change programmes in cyber resilience and cyber recovery.

Technology risk: we can help deliver a range of technology risk solutions, whether a departmental review led by experienced CROs, the establishment of a risk framework or the delivery of a wholesale technology risk transformation.

Cyber resilience: we provide robust cyber resilience strategies, helping your business to reduce risks, while ensuring continuity of critical services in the aftermath of any attack.

PCI: we enable you to have the right controls in place to ensure customer payment information is secure. We are very proud of our track record of helping clients prepare for PCI self-assessments and establish PCI PIN practices in their organisation.

Cyber security architecture and design: we build and design security architectures to manage threats and safeguard businesses from potential financial and reputational risks. We have delivered successful projects including securing cloud infrastructures, designing cyber recovery solutions, and a host of other critical architectures.

Assessment and consulting: our support ranges from redesigning the processes around third-party and project interaction from the CISO function, to taking on a portfolio of assessments or looking after the security for large transformational programmes.

Cyber incident management: our response service provides advice and guidance to businesses on what options are available in advance of incidents, so give you the best chance of responding effectively. We can advise on whether to create and build in-house capabilities, outsource incident response and protective monitoring arrangements, or pursue a hybrid approach.

CISO Advisory: works with a strong pool of former CISOs who can be deployed on advisory projects of major change, reviews of CISO functions or transformational support. Our virtual CISO service enables clients to benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and guidance of experienced and accredited CISOs on an ‘as needed’ basis without the overheads of a full-time CISO function.

Pen testing: our penetration testing service (or pentest)are conducted by experts, and are designed to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities. We take a collaborative approach with you and work hand-in-hand to identify and fix the weaknesses that malicious and non-malicious actors may exploit.

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