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Barclay Simpson Solutions’ Cyber Recovery Programme

When a company’s business-critical services, with their accompanying data and underpinning infrastructures, are at risk, it is imperative that the company adopts a 360° approach to cyber resilience. Santander, a leading UK and international financial services provider, required a cyber resilience solution to supplement and integrate with their existing processes, Barclay Simpson Solutions was able to develop, prepare, and deploy a fully realised, integrated, bespoke business services restoration capability.

The Challenge:

As a financial services provider, Santander needed not only a resilience solution to complement their existing processes, but also a strategy to underpin an ongoing data migration to a cloud environment to bolster the security of internal and client-facing data as well as meet more robust incoming regulation.

This required a long-term strategic outlook combined with deep industry and technical knowledge to put the preparations in place to allow the delivery of a self-contained, isolated environment within which to store safe, immutable and up-to-date copies of their data, applications and critical infrastructure.

The Solution:

Barclay Simpson Solutions recommended a cyber recovery vault to act as a semi-automated management function with recovery orchestration tools capable of grouping, indexing, monitoring and restoring components in a predetermined order to facilitate the collective recovery of the business-critical service.

The cyber vault solution could be fully integrated into their existing recovery processes and be tailored and developed as part of a wider IT-resiliency strategy encompassing other ongoing information security measures. Barclay Simpson Solutions defined a four-phase approach to deliver their cyber vault recovery Programme which allowed for a full capture and delivery of all necessary requirements.

Four core phases to Cyber Vault Recovery:

Phase 1 – Discovery
Establishing detailed requirements and defining the scope of the programme, Barclay Simpson Solutions developed a completely bespoke solution that fully integrated with other dependent programmes already underway, such as application migration to cloud environment and tech debt remediation, amongst others. Underpinned by clear communication and outcome-based deliverables, the programme met the exacting standards and vision of the project sponsor to be fully responsive to business needs.

Phase 2 – Business Critical Service
Analysis (Vulnerability Assessment)
We established the scope, scale and mapping of all components that comprised the target business critical service documenting which critical infrastructure components supported the application and which needed to be stored securely to facilitate recovery

Phase 3 – Technical Solution Development
We provided an end-to-end solution architecture design for the recovery capability, defining all aspects of the recovery solution design from data identification, ingress to a storage facility, data component mapping, refresh functions, data hygiene and integrity (forensics), egress procedures and
process automation or orchestration.

This development activity not only proposed a suitable architecture but also aligned all aspects of the recovery solution from a vendor perspective; providing an architecture that identifies all vendor components required to build the cyber recovery vault Solution in alignment with strategic objectives.

Phase 4 – Operationalisation
We articulated the processes and procedures necessary to fully integrate this new capability into existing and future resiliency control measures, delivering long-term change across Santander. It defined new cyber resiliency categories and differentiated between those and existing disaster recovery resiliency criteria.

The outcome:
With this four-phase approach, Barclay Simpson’s cyber recovery programme was delivered as a flexible work stream lasting for an initial 12 months. Through regular communication, the programme was fully realised and tailored to their unique requirements, ensuring the right talent was deployed through access to niche networks of interim subject matter experts who were directed and managed through a project director and inhouse service delivery function.

The end result? Santander is now ready for a fully integrated cyber resilience solution that will thoroughly support ongoing efforts to migrate a significant amount of data to a secure cloud environment. Barclay Simpson Solutions continues to contribute information security strategy with market insight and solutions specific to their unique security needs.

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