This major insurance company had a sharp increase in projects to review and engage with during a period of enhanced digitalisation and movement to the cloud. They engaged with Barclay Simpson Solutions to provide a flexible service which could be scaled according to demand.

The challenge:

Security functions provide security assurance, risk assessment, advice and engagement to a large number of projects at any one time. The volume of change is not constant, and individual projects can often have brief but intense “hot spots” of security effort, so during periods of change either externally or internally, a large business may suddenly find their demand for project security assurance is double or treble that of a similar period in the past.

The solution:

During the initial Discovery period, BSS undertook a handover for a defined group of projects which had already been receiving support from the client’s internal security function. Whilst following the engagement plans for these projects – all the way from requirements to design to testing through to successful delivery – BSS also took on triage of a number of new projects for the client; being able to draw on deep experience of project security made it possible to assess the amount of support required for each project, and identify key areas of controls and risk. BSS was then able to create engagement plans for the new projects, and scale its service according to demand levels, working with both internal and external stakeholders.

The outcome:

Whilst the intention was to engage with BSS for an initial portfolio of projects and a batch of new projects, demand has continued and the client has chosen to engage with BSS longer term to provide project engagement on a continuous but scalable basis.

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